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        Diamond Dust is consisted of five great musicians whose goal is to spread a note of their fresh heavy/thrash metal sound. Band is formed at the beggining of April 2006. with Jakov as vocal, Armando on drums and Marin as a lead guitar player. Bass player position was empty, but not for long time. Igor, former "Atha" band member fullfilled the space in rhythm section. As Diamond Dust needed second guitar, best choice was solo guitar played from another Croatian band, Alen.
Throughout the years some of band members were changed where in part time played Damir and Rino.

        After 2 years band recorded their first demo album, self titled with 6 songs. What followed were gigs at Ri Rock, Milo Željezo (Sisak), Minival (Rijeka), Oluja Festival (Split), Demoween (Rijeka), In Your Face Festival (Nova Gradiška) and many more. The band is known for heavy sounds and aggressive stage performance which was best shown on their second demo album from 2010., called Triumph Of Soul, also with 6 even fiercer and more modern sound spiced songs.


The Crew

Jay - vocals
Aki - guitars
Lino - guitars / back vocals
Igor - bass
Armando - drums


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