Diamond Dust has released 2 demo albums, one in 2007. called "Diamond Dust" and the second in 2010. called "Triumph Of Soul". Both of our albums are available FREE for download. Although, it is highly appreciated Your support, so every donation is very welcome and can and will help us in making future albums. For info about donation, contact are given in contacts section of our webpage.





 Diamond Dust - 1st demo

01. Hooligan  

02. Rise Again  

03. World of Misery  

04. Destiny Words  

05. Innocent Guilt

06. Grinding to Dust


 28:22 mins

 Download HERE





 Triumph of Soul - 2nd demo

01. State Of Mind  

02. Puppets Of War  

03. Virus  

04. Live Or Die  

05. Triumph Of Soul


 31:18 mins

 Download HERE



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